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This product includes the drone, a high performance laptop with all required software, a radio control transmitter, a battery charger, two batteries and a flight case

Normally ships in 3-4 weeks. This system is built to order and rigorously flight and workflow-tested before being shipped. Please contact us if you wish to apply for a priority order

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Product Description

The AgriDrone System is a fully self-contained agricultural drone system. It includes the drone, a high performance laptop with all required software, a radio control transmitter, a battery charger, two batteries and a flight case. This includes everything you need to start generating visible, NDVI and livestock surveillance photomaps of your farm. The system can also be used to generate basic terrain models, which are useful for visualizing and planning drainage. These terrain models do not have survey-grade accuracy and are for visual analysis only but are nevertheless very useful as a way of virtually surveying your farm.

The system includes an easy to follow user manual, which clearly explains all the processes involved in mission planning, flying, processing the imagery and interpreting the results.

Some features of the data:

  • The NDVI imagery generated by the system has been shown to be 95% correlated to ground-based chlorophyll content measures. This is like having an airborne chlorophyll meter!
  • Our system produces NDVI imagery using a single modified camera with a colour filter. By manipulating the bands from this imagery, we are able to generate false-colour IR imagery that is highly similar to that obtained using two cameras to acquire the red and IR bands. By using just the results of a single sensor to generate the false colour IR imagery, we eliminate the need for dual image registration and  the resulting NDVI imagery is more accurate and is obtained faster. This is especially important for crops such as vineyards, where poor registration can render the data useless.
  • The other camera captures the visible band and is used to create orthophotos to compare with the NDVI maps. These orthophotos can also be geo-referenced and how this is done is explained in the manual.
  • We have innovated a workflow that is straightforward and does not require advanced knowledge or parameter manipulation. Just follow the workflow in our user manual, all the parameters and settings have been optimised already
  • If you are using an AgriDrone for livestock surveillance, we have found that large livestock (eg cows) can be counted from 70m altitude, and smaller livestock such as sheep require a lower altitude – under 50m

Some features of the AgriDrone:

  • Designed to be a long range, Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) drone  – fly for up to 25 minutes and map 100ha+ with the larger battery option. Track the drone and monitor the entire flight over data radio telemetry
  • High quality drive for durability, longevity and efficiency. We use comparable motors, propellers and speed controllers to the quadcopter drone that set the world record in August 2014
  • Powered by the 3D Robotics PixHawk autopilot, featuring multiple system redundancy. The drone itself also has a redundant power source
  • Minimum flying skills needed – just launch and press Auto and it will fly the mission, return and land all by itself!
  • Two cameras and gimbal included. The camera system is based on a lightweight action camera, which has been modified to be able to permit the IR band to be captured, in conjunction with the software suite. As of February 2015 a new design brushless gimbal is supplied as standard with the system, permitting more stable imagery, faster processing and better quality models
  • Radio telemetry communication with the ground station via 900Mhz or 433Mhz data radio. Live mission data makes mission monitoring and intervention possible
  • Designed to be able to handle warm climate operating conditions. Fly with confidence in up to 30 deg Celsius – and higher – ambient temperature conditions

Some features of the laptop:

  • Windows 8.1 64 bit laptop based on a Core i7 processor and featuring 8GB RAM. This has proved adequate for processing the imagery from our cameras, even that from a 100ha mission
  • Various free and proprietary software included as required by the workflow. All proprietary (non free) software will be licensed in the name of the buyer and licensing information provided to the buyer
  • Doubles as the ground station machine as well as the machine for processing the images after the flight is completed

Typical applications:

  • Photomapping cropland for generating visible, NIR and composite NDVI imagery for crop stress analysis
  • Photomapping farmland for aerial surveillance of fields, livestock, dams, pipelines, irrigation, outbuildings
  • Generating utility (sub survey quality) terrain models of farmland, for drainage planning
  • Can be used for night time missions if fitted with a thermal-image camera


  • 6 hours of training are included in the price, the training covers basic flight, flight preparation, safety and failsafes, mission planning, mission interventions, image post-processing
  • All buyers receive 12 months unlimited telephonic, email, Skype and WhatsApp support
  • Four training videos covering setup to mission planning. More training videos coming
  • A 50-page, illustrated, easy-to-follow User Manual
  • All user manuals and literature relating to included COTS items


  1. John


    We received this review from GIS Anaylst Jason Pretorius at AECOM:

    The Agridrone offers advanced technology in such a manner that it can be operated with little to no RC experience while delivering also high quality products with minimum input.

    As GIS and Remote Sensing Specialists we have considered many UAV Systems to do the work required for our science, and there is no doubt that the Agridrone system is the most cost effective system available today whilst comparing brilliantly to other systems available at much higher costs.

    We have been exceedingly happy with this product and have been producing quality products for clients since we have purchased it. We have also experienced expert service and post-sale support as well as frequent updates and advice.

    The Agridrone system is one that we fully endorse and would recommend to anyone; especially aspiring drone operators with minimal experience in the field of precision agriculture.

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