Self-Contained System

Nothing else required to start flying autonomously and generating plant stress photomaps

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Simplified workflow for generating NDVI, not requiring image registration. Take a look at the results of our tests showing correlation of our images to plant clorophyll content


Ships Internationally

Proudly built in South Africa and shipped by courier to most countries. Please refer to our FAQ for exclusions


Partnering with AgriSense

We are excited to announce that we will soon be partnering with fellow South African startup AgriSense. They will offer a service whereby they'll host imagery generated by our clients and provide a host of value-adds such as: (1) other vegetation indices such as Green NDVI, Simple Ratio, DVI and SAVI (Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index). (2) Measurements on the field. (3) Variable prescription application maps, for optimal use of fertilizer and agro-chemicals. The AgriSense service will be available over mobile devices or normal computer. It will be an optional add-on to the AgriDrone System and will require a subscription directly to AgriSense. At this point, the service is still in testing and we will make an announcement as soon as it is available.

AgriDrone data in AgriSense Portal

AgriDrone NDVI vs Satellite NDVI

We are proud to present a comparison of satellite NDVI (from the Fruitlook service) and our AgriDrone NDVI for a field of potatoes for the same day. To make this NDVI we created a new spectrum lookup table, to match that of the satellite NDVI. The correspondence is remarkable except that the AgriDrone NDVI is much higher resolution and does not contain 'edge bias' errors. To clarify, the lookup table runs from red (low NDVI) to green (mid NDVI) to purple (high NDVI). The potato field is flanked by barley, which having a much higher leaf area shows much higher NDVI. However, within the potato field it is clear the main stressed area is the patch in the lower middle.

AgriDrone NDVI vs Satellite NDVI

Drone NDVI vs Satellite NDVI Potatoes

New Brushless Gimbal Now Standard!

All AgriDrone systems now include a brushless gimbal as standard. This gimbal does not add to the overall weight relative to the old servo-based gimbal, but enables much more stable imagery, thereby speeding up processing time and enabling better models